Climate Ambassadors Wanted!

Image of green ferns, purple heather on a mountainside with a blue sky and white clouds

We are looking for three Climate Ambassadors to work with us on supporting the museum community in the Highlands to implement environmentally sustainable practices.

Our Highland museums often tell us that environmental sustainability is a priority for them, but that they can find the topic too big and a little overwhelming at times. ‘Please just tell me what I need to do,’ is a statement we often hear. After exploring some ideas as a group, we believe that the best way to meet this challenge head on is to upskill three passionate individuals in environmentally sustainable practices that are specific to our region and context. And to do this we will work closely with Ki Futures –  an international coaching and training network, connecting cultural practitioners across the world with real, sustainable action.

Our MHH climate ambassadors will be invited to join the Ki Futures program for a tailored 6-month program to learn about sustainability and how to support member museums in implementing their climate, energy, and waste goals. This innovative partnership is tailored specifically for our climate ambassadors program and has been designed in collaboration with MHH and Ki Futures.

This is a 6 month, paid role, giving each ambassador the time for training, study and work without it impacting on their other commitments. The full brief for the role is below and please do get in touch with any questions you may have.

This project is supported by the Museums and Galleries Scotland Forum’s Fund with thanks to National Lottery Players.

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