Highland Threads

‘Highland Threads’ is a collaborative exhibition telling the stories of Highland fashion through history.

‘Highland Threads’ was conceived at a Highland Heritage Café, a regular online meet-up started during the COVID-19 pandemic for museums across the Highlands to share ideas and discuss issues they were facing as a sector. 

Discussions around the impact of COVID-19, led to plans by 14 museums and heritage centres for a joint online exhibition focusing on clothing through the ages, where each museum would focus on a costume from their collection. The collective vision for the project was to use collections to support museums in these difficult times: driving new and existing audiences to the museums whether they were open or closed; help museums find new ways of creating income streams; and, increase access and engagement with collections. 

By employing innovative digital technologies and working with sector professionals, ‘Highland Threads’ reflects the quality of museums and diverse collections that can be found across the Highlands. The digital exhibition launched on 1 April 2021 and can be found at www.highlandthreads.co.uk The physical exhibition has also now launched with 12 of the 14 museums able to put their costume on display for visitors to create their own Highland Threads tour. Click the picture below to enter the exhibition: