CHARTS Showcase

CHARTS Showcase Event

The CHARTS. showcase will bring together an exciting programme of exhibitions, experiences, workshops and discussion to a venue in Oban this September. It will create intriguing and immersive environments, intimate atmospheres and space for members to network. Participants from the CHARTS. network will have the opportunity to showcase their offer, meet and network with other members, and collaborate to develop new and innovative work.

The evening will see the premiere screening of five short films, each capturing a different element of what working across culture, heritage and arts in Argyll and the Isles really means, with further performances live-streamed globally.

Day Programme: 11.00am – 5.00pm Evening Programme: 6.00pm – 8.00pm Full programme details coming soon!

More Than Just A Label

More Than Just A Label

What do you think makes a good museum label? MuseumNext has an interesting article on the subject.

The best museum labels do more than just provide information. A great museum label takes its reader on a revelatory journey, reframing perceptions along the way and provoking a lasting reaction.

By Anna Faherty, 2 September, 2019

Read more on the MuseumNext website.

Making Exhibitions Accessible

Shape Arts Guide To Accessible Exhibitions

Are your exhibitions fully accessible? There are some important points to consider in relation to all aspects of access.

Shape Arts has created a short guide for curators, programmers and exhibition organisers to give an overview of how to ensure that the exhibition you’re putting on is accessible and inclusive of disabled people.

Read the guide and find out more on the Shape Arts website.