Clan Macpherson Museum

The Clan Macpherson Museum, situated at the south end of Newtonmore, tells the story of the Clan and its people. It has housed the relics and memorials, from ancient Highland history to modern computer science, for over 70 years.

The newly refurbished exhibition tells a story of land and landscape, family and belonging, loyalty and rebellion. You will find fascinating Clan treasures like the Black Chanter sent down from heaven, witness stories like the one of Macpherson’s lament and Jamie’s broken fiddle, or learn about the reinvention of the Highlands by James ‘Ossian’ Macpherson.

Clan-history is told by a long line of tradition bearers and storytellers, part of the oral culture of the Gaelic world, the Gàidhealtachd. From Clan Chiefs to crofters, the story of the Macphersons and the area is told through books, poetry, songs, piping and fiddle music.

Visit the Clan Macpherson Museum, which is the home of the Clan and see it all for yourself!