Tain and District Museum

A modern pilgram at Tain Museum

Tain & District Museum consists of two galleries telling the story of St 
Duthac and Tain’s medieval past, the local museum and the medieval 
Collegiate Church of St Duthus, all set within a churchyard which 
contains the Ardjackie Pictish stone, three early medieval coped stone 
gravemarkers and several 17th and 18th c grave slabs with clan crest and 
skull and crossbones inscriptions.

Tel: 01862894089
Website: https://www.tainmuseum.org.uk/
Email: info@tainmuseum.org.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tain-District-Museum-and-Clan-Ross-Centre-222578941260401/?ref=bookmarks

18th c pepper  pot
18thC pepper pot