Russian Arctic Convoy Museum

exterior view of arctic convoy museum

Discover one of the most daring allied operations of WWII.

The Arctic Convoys were a monumental collaborative effort to provide aid to the Soviet Union to bolster its defences against the invading German forces. The supplies were delivered by merchant vessels, escorted by warships, and shielded by air cover. The route went through perilous Arctic waters, and the ships sailed under the constant threat of air, surface vessel, and u-boat attacks.

Our museum has a large collection of artefacts and memorabilia, including: ships’ instruments, uniforms, photographs, written accounts, ships’ logs, medals, toys, models, and much more. 

Twitter: @InfoRACM
Instagram: @rac_project
Phone: 01445731137
Address: Russian Arctic Convoy Museum, Birchburn, Aultbea, IV22 2HZ

Lookout on the HMS Suffolk

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